Nutrition information from the Chipotle Mexican Restaurant chain was not completely easy to obtain, since as of August they were not posting it on their web site. They did send it to me by email, so I provide it here for anyone interested.

Chipotle Nutrition Information sheet (August 2005)

As with any nutrition information, the data here speak for themselves. Except that they list the information here by ingredient, so one needs to put things together depending on your burrito preferences.

As one example, the carnitas burrito with black beans, rice, mild salsa, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce rings up the following totals (by my math) for saturated fat and sodium:

Saturated Fat: 19 g, or 97% of the Daily Value
Sodium: 3.431 g (3431 mg), or 143% of the Daily Value

I find much of the Chipotle food to be delicious, and I always add lettuce**! I do have to say that the nutrition information they provided indicates some extremes relative to the Daily Values.

Compare to a Big Mac's nutritional information? OK, why not? The Big Mac has* 10 g of saturated fat (52% of the Daily Value), and 1010 mg sodium (42% of the Daily Value). So if you enjoy the carnitas burrito, fully decked (but without gaucamole), feel free to substitute two Big Macs in it's place to get about the same saturated fat and sodium intake. I'm getting hungry now.

* Updating the page April 2010, I find that the saturated fat content of the Big Mac has remained steady since 2005, and that the sodium content has been bumped up to 1040 mg. New recipe, or more accurate measurements, or ...?

**Lettuce adds 0 to the saturated fat and 0 to the sodium. Whew!