Group List

As a group of three, we should make sure we have the proper equipment along, including the following:

  • one seriously good (and sufficiently large) tent, or two tents for the three of us
  • waterproof ground sheet for each tent (tarp, heavy plastic sheet)
  • map(s) -- I have a decent map of the area, but could pick up USGS topos if we know the specific areas we want to explore
  • two backpacking stoves and white gas (I have one MSR WhisperLite stove, and believe I have enough fuel for us here in CO)
  • cookset and cooking utensils -- I have a two-pot set (1.5 and 2.0 liter pots), with pot grabber
  • enough food, plus a little extra (and ideas on what to enjoy for dinner etc.)
  • lightweight plastic trowel (I have one)
  • waterproof matches (I have enough for everyone)
  • waterproof "dry sack" for storage of food and other aromatic items
  • plenty of rope for tying off tents as well as bear-safe hanging of food
  • what else? < email me >