Motor's New Years 2001 Extravaganza!

Hans, Andy, Meaghan, Shelly, and Scott chillin' in 2000

Train goes where he wants to go, and drinks what he wants to drink (like my scotch! Thief!)

I've still never had a drink of Wild Turkey...

Kate pauses for a photo-op before finding more trouble (and grabbin' more ass)

Motor has some sort of announcement to make

Phil says "sure" while Garry says "uh, not right now"

Garry, Adam, and Phil enjoying the last of 2000

Joe declares victory for 2000

Randy, Shelly, and Brad have formed a line on the 2nd floor landing

I see Phil and Jim and Dana and Christiana and Tom and Troy and Cosmo and someone else (who is that?)

Jim, Dana, Liz, and the man wearing polyester panache

Knocking 'em dead, clockwise, Kelly, Jen Lynn, Jen Lynn, Lisa, and Alison

"Just grabbing the Jaeger here, 'scuse me..."

Drew, Kathleen, and Dana (with the Jaeger)

That was one hell of a fast Happy 2001 kiss, but look at those smiles!

Alison welcomes the Porn Star, Joe Canepa, to the party

Kevin, Joe, and Bill keeping people out of the refrigerator

These are the mystery guests -- who are you? I see you at every party!

Wonder why the camera wouldn't focus...?

Garry, Tom (smiling back there), and Brittany

Garry, Randy, and Brittany overjoyed that it's 2001!

Bruce and Kevin are happy to know there is still beer in the keg

Mark and (?) are holding it in while Troy takes the trip out back

Someone (who?) along with Patty, Marty, and Train who all decided that Motor's was where it's at in 2001

Motor, Megan, and Sean enjoying the well-chosen music

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